"Let Them Eat Cake"

"Let Them Eat Cake"

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Havn't posted on here in a few days, sorry about that (not like anyone checks my blog daily haha). Computer STILL won't let me upload photos and im going a BIT mad... just a tad. This christmas vacation is slowwwww. I'm munching on dark chocolate covered cranberries, yummm! Anyway, I was reading Nylon the other day (my new favorite magazine). It's such an amazing magazine. Fashion,Music,Whats Hot, etc. So I stumbled upon a little article about www.limecrimemakeup.com <--- amazing! I fell in love with it,and Doe Deere's blog! Please,check it out, buy some insanely high pigment makeup,follow the blog.Yeah. The slogan "So bright, it's illegal" should tell you before you see it, that the make-up is very colorful&bright. Just my kind of thing. My favorite lipstick color is D'Lilac Opaque Lipstick. And I couldn't possibly pick a favorite colored eyeshadow. More like eye glitter. Haha. I went a bit picture crazy. Sorry about that. I couldn't resist. That first picture was one night when I got bored and decided to play dress up. The second picture is me at the Metropolitan Museum of Art =] Have you ever been there? In New York City? If not, you must go and see! It's amazing<3 And the third picture was me running around in my friends yard, with my friends tie,haha. Good times! Anyway, Christmas is nearing! Would you like to see what was on the TOP of my list? Lilac Doc Martens! (as you saw up there...I'm trying to figure out how I arrange my photos the way I want to... it's quite annoying how they are all just like,ya know, sitting on eachothers heads, and it's all "BAM! HERES ALL 20 PICTURES INA ROW!" . . .anyway, This has been my longest post yet. So, don't forget to check out limecrimemakeup.com and the blog. Have a great day, Peace =]

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