"Let Them Eat Cake"

"Let Them Eat Cake"

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tinsle's N0T Dead!

Gooooodmorninq Everyone =] Well, I've been obsessed with shiny stuff lately. And the other week my best friend/sister/twin/triplette/other half- came to sleepover. We decorated (more like burried) me tree,and ourselves, in tinsle. And I was listening to the radio at 5:30 a.m today (I know, I know, an ungodly time to be awake ahah) they were saying how tinsle isn't really used anymore and it's sort of a thing of the past. People called in telling them,and us, that they still love tinsle and it is used in their homes =] One lady said that her and her sons, one is 25 years old, decorate the tree on Christmas Eve and on Christmas morning they wake up to see that 'Santa' has decorated the tree with tinsle and that her 25 year old son(s) still get that joy, that thrill when they see that it's been decorated with tinsle. (Sorry about that run-on sentence.) That warmed my heart<3

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